Jackie Listens to: The Cure’s Disintegration (1989)


This one was a request from a fan.  Another album I haven’t listened to all the way through before, though I wore out the hits like Lovesong and Lullaby in my youth.  The Cure has always spoken to my depression, and when I am depressed I need bands like The Cure to help buoy me to this world, to know my pain has been felt elsewhere and has been expressed.  This album absolutely fills that void for me.  Each and every song is a well-executed, heart-wrenching romp.  Robert Smith’s voice is perfect angst and hopelessness, perfect for the tortured teenage soul, as I came to this.

Lovesong is one of my favorite songs of all time, it’s so hopeful and pining, so comparatively upbeat to the rest of the album, and one of The Cure‘s biggest hits.  It would be hard to review this album without making a special note of it, and to admit I used to tearfully listen to it on repeat in my lovelorn teenage years.  However, this album is full of great songs, hypnotic rhythms that hook you, and real feelings that suck you in. Other noteworthy tracks are Plainsong, which opens the album beautifully, Pictures of You, which makes me feel like I’m in my gut-wrenching, heart-throbbing college days again, the moody, atmospheric Prayers for Rain, and the driving, titular Disintegration.

Disintegration is the absolute tops, some of The Cure‘s best, passionate and introspective with great songs throughout, highly recommended to everyone.


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