Jackie Listens to: Bat for Lashes’ The Bride (2016)


Bat for Lashes is Natasha Kahn, and I love her voice.  It’s otherworldly.  She could sing me a dinner menu and I’d be happy.  I am a big fan of her early work but this is the first time I have heard The Bride, especially as a full album (like I said, I usually listen to music frenetically, on random, following my passions, as it were.)  The Bride is meant as a concept album about a woman who loses her fiance to a car crash.  It tells a story and explores the concepts of love and loss, which is right up my alley.

The album is beautiful and cohesive, but has fewer stand alone tracks than Bat for Lashes’ previous albums, which isn’t a bad thing.  The album itself seems to be one grand statement, and though the tracks don’t flow into each other necessarily, it does tell one story.  The album takes on a more somber tone about halfway through, which makes sense from the concept.  Songs that I enjoyed especially were Joe’s Dream and I Will Love Again, but pulling out individual tracks from this album doesn’t seem to fit.  It is best listened to as a full album.  In the end, it is a well executed concept in Bat for Lashes’ signature style, ethereal and mystical.

In my humble opinion, it’s a good album but it’s not as good as her other albums, though it is ambitious and interesting, well worth a listen.  Check out some older stuff and if you’re into all that, you might dig this one too.  I do think it requires some interest in Bat for Lashes’ style to digest this album.


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