Jackie Listens to: Violent Femmes’ Violent Femmes (1983)


I have a certain affection for this album, and was totally in the mood to listen to it, so I picked it.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want!

Anyway Violent Femmes always makes me feel saucy.  The first time I heard them that I remember was on an episode of My So-Called Life, with Blister in the Sun, an instant favorite.  After that, I bought the album and listened to it over and over.  It seemed to capture something in my feelings that couldn’t be expressed any other way in my late high school years.  The album was an anthem of sorts throughout my college years too, all of this a painful time full of awkwardness, sexual frustration, anxiety, and loneliness. I’ve stayed up late listening to Please Do Not Go during a breakup more than once, thumbed my nose at others with Kiss Off more than once, chanted the chorus of Add It Up with more than one person on my mind, cried listening to Confessions, they are that enduring and endearing, that’s how much this music helped combat those problems.  The emotions are so raw, so palpable, even now they are effective.  I love this album, and every song means something to me.

This is an essential album for me, for sure, maybe a top 25 albums of all time level, I will check with my list, ever shifting, but I’m pretty sure this one is on it.  It’s definitely had a radical effect on who I am now, I love every song on the album (to varying degrees, like all albums), and I never get sick of it.


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